Tads students most likely have up to 5x Chances of making it to one of their Dream Universities!

With an approach that is backed by strategy, authenticity, and experience, we at Tads make sure that you reach a university where you deserve and desire to study. Not just advice, we drive action. Our mentors and counsellors have helped students reach in top-most universities around the world, as shown below.


IVY League Admits in 2023 Intake

Admits in the top 100 universities across the world.


Students Got Admitted in at-least 1 of their shortlisted universities.

From the expertise of McKinsey’s finest strategists to the guidance of inspiring mentors from Stanford, we fearlessly craft your future with confidence and expertise.

Tads Education is India’s premium and highly-loved educational consultancy. Our personalised, 100% practical, and authentic approach has helped students gain admission into the Ivy League, Oxbridge, and other top universities across the USA, the UK, India, Singapore, Canada, and Australia.

100+ mentors from your dream universities.


How Are We Transforming Overseas Admissions?

No Feeding, No Fake Certificates.

At Tads, we take pride in our authentic and personalized approach to elevating students' profiles. Unlike conventional counselors, we steer clear of fake certificates and contrived internships. Our process centers on unveiling your true potential and achievements.

No shortcuts, no pretense – just a genuine commitment to your success. We delve into your aspirations and meticulously tailor our strategies to align with your unique goals.

With Tads by your side, you'll embrace a confident journey, knowing that every step is rooted in authenticity and dedication. Your profile will shine with accomplishments that truly reflect your capabilities.

Join Tads, where dreams come true, and where your success is our priority.

No Commission Policy

At Tads, we firmly believe in doing things differently, with honesty and confidence. Unlike some others who may try to manipulate or influence students, we're all about being straightforward and genuine.

We work with students who are willing to put in the effort and hard work to achieve their dreams. We don't take shortcuts or compromise your aspirations for personal gains. Our focus is solely on guiding you towards the best-fit university that aligns with your passions and talents.

You won't find us pushing you towards universities just because they pay commissions. We prioritize your success and future above all else. Your dreams are important to us, and we're committed to helping you achieve them in the most honest and transparent way. So, let's walk together on a path that celebrates your real achievements and opens doors to your dream university.

Join Tads, where dreams come true, and where your success is our priority.

Hands-on Training

At Tads, we stand apart from other counselors who offer shallow advice like "do some internships, write a research paper, or make a project." We are not just about words; we believe in taking concrete action to ensure your success.

Our approach is hands-on and results-driven. We don't stop at giving advice; we make sure things get done. Whether it's providing on-ground support and incubation for your entrepreneurial venture with award-winning entrepreneurs or helping you find, apply to, and pursue the perfect internship, we dive deep to build a solid foundation for your college application.

With us, you'll receive the support and guidance you need to thrive. We are confident in our ability to nurture your potential, and we are committed to helping you stand out among the crowd. Your future matters to us, and we'll stop at nothing to make it a reality.

Choose Tads, where confidence meets action, and where dreams are not just talked about but brought to life. Let's embark on a journey of unwavering determination and success together.

Superstar Student Mentors

Get ready for an extraordinary learning experience at Tads, where we bring you insights straight from students currently studying at your dream universities - MIT, Stanford, UPenn, Oxford, NUS, Dartmouth, and more. Imagine learning directly from those who've cracked the code to get there!

Our dynamic Tads Mentors, all young and accomplished, are here to inspire and guide you. They'll help you discover the perfect majors, keep you updated on college requirements, and reveal their secrets to making it to your dream universities.

At Tads, we exude confidence in our unique approach. We believe that learning from those who've walked the path is the key to unlocking your true potential. Together, we'll set you on the course to success, armed with the knowledge and inspiration you need. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best.

Join Tads, where dreams come true, and where your success is our priority.

ROI Driven

At Tads, we take immense pride in our track record of students reaching Ivy League schools with a 100% scholarship, securing full-ride scholarships to UCs, and gaining admission to other top universities with minimal financial burden. We understand that it's not just about getting into a prestigious university; it's about making sure the financials align too.

Our unparalleled focus on cracking the best scholarships has enabled hundreds of children to fulfill their dreams without the stress of loans or fees. At Tads, we are committed to making your dreams a reality without compromising on financial sense.

Imagine attending your dream school with the confidence that the financial aspect is well taken care of. Our proven strategies have unlocked numerous opportunities for our students, helping them achieve their aspirations without the burden of financial constraints.

Join Tads, where dreams come true, and where your success is our priority.

There is more to Foreign Admissions than just a college (which no counsellor really talks about).
But we at Tads, do it.


Transforming. Redefining. Every Story.

“I highly recommend Nidhi Ma’am, Tads Chief Strategist as a counsellor and advisor for college admissions in the USA. Her guidance and advice played a crucial role in shaping my profile based on my aspirations and college preferences. She helped me identify and excel in extracurricular activities and brainstormed a well-planned summer project, which later earned me the national youth leadership award. With her insights on college selection, I gained clarity on why and how each college was a suitable fit for me. Despite my not-so-perfect academic scores, I secured admissions into most of my desired colleges, and thanks to the strong non-academic profile she helped me build, I even received full scholarships in four of them. Nidhi mam’s expertise and support truly made a significant difference in my college application journey.”

Our Expert Consultancy Services


Boutique Programme for 2024 and 2025 Intake

Tads boutique consultancy is a premium and extremely personalised college preparation programme for students of Grades 11, 12, & Drop Year and students pursuing looking to pursue their Masters. As one of the world’s very few boutique programmes which enable students to accomplish and create while they apply to their dream universities, we stand out from all others, because our values stand out.

From enabling students to seek unlimited mentorship from mentors studying in their dream universities like Oxford, Stanford, Havard, NUS, LSE, and Dartmouth to enabling them to learn from admission officers – ‘the secrets’ of getting selected into their dream universities; we get it all covered. We bring the most senior counsellors from around the country to guide our students. We introduce people who have worked with brands like McKinsey, Google, Apple, and even world governments to revise and provide perspective on college essays. And most importantly we focus on getting the best ROI on your college admissions because ultimately it is never about you making it to the QS Ranked 1 College, but to an institution where you belong.

Detailed Inclusions: 

  • Psychometric Assessment
  • Course Shortlisting & Selection
  • College Research & Due Diligence
  • College Shortlisting & Fitment
  • Overall Application Strategy
  • Application Timeline Strategy & Management
  • Profile Evaluation & Gap Identification
  • Profile Analysis & Profile Building
  • Profile Monitoring & Course Correction
  • Test Preparation Strategy Language Proficiency Tests (IELTS/ TOEFL/ GMAT/ GRE) (Doesn’t include academic preparation)
  • Transcripts & Certificates Review
  • Activity Profiling & Descriptors

  • Application Storyline Building

  • Statement of Purpose (Drafting & Review)/Essays

  • Recommendation Letters (Drafting & Review)

  • Portfolio/ Challenges/ Auditions Strategy

  • Application Review

  • Interview Preparation & Mock Interviews


Targetted Consultations & Assistance

Career Counselling and Psychometric Tests

Figuring out ‘What field are you interested in?’ is the most fundamental question to answer before even thinking about colleges. At Tads, we offer India’s first holistic career discovery process to really help students discover what they want to pursue!

Course Selection and University Shortlisting

Making a list of universities (Target, Reach, and Safety Schools) is an integral part of strategic college preparation. We help you figure out this list, keeping all possible factors in mind.


Stuck on your college essay? We’ll steer you in the right direction. Connect with one of our consultants who will help you brainstorm, organize, and start your essay. Once you finish your draft, we review it over and over again, until it truly communicates your true capabilities!

Meet the team that is making Wonders Happen for students across India and Nepal.


Mrs Nidhi Mehta

Tads Chief Profile Strategist

Introducing our chief profile strategist Nidhi, who is a silicon valley serial entrepreneur, public speaker, educational leadership consultant, LinkedIn power profile creator, entrepreneurship trainer, business coach, podcaster, and mentor. Nidhi has founded three companies and had successful exits in each. A TEDx speaker and an ex-McKinsey strategist, Nidhi has had a remarkable track record of getting students having 80-85% academic scores to land in some of the best schools like the University of Michigan with a full-ride scholarship through her expert profile strategising.


Mr Naman Jain

Tads Founder

One of India’s youngest entrepreneurs, Naman founded Tads in 2020 and has since then been committed to the idea of making learning more colourful and engaging. Naman has spent an enormous time receiving and providing training and development ever since his early years at high school. He enables students in starting up their own ventures, scale up their ECAs to a significant level, and build a profile that stands out.  He ensures that students reach the university where they deserve and aspire to be, with unbeatable confidence. His counselling has enabled children to unleash their true potential and do 10x better than before.


Mr Snehil Jain

Tads Co-founder

With 15+ years of industry experience in people development and international sales, Snehil has passionately devoted his years to learning the best practices of revealing infinite human potential from thought leaders in philosophy, academia, and industry in India and the USA, and completed his undergraduate from India’s topmost SSCBS and postgraduate from USA’s Case Western University. Bringing together his years of experience, deep desire, and capabilities to the forefront he has been involved in hand-crafting with ultimate devotion, to the foreign admissions program at Tads.


Mrs Srividya Shivkumar


A passionate educator with over 15 years of teaching experience in the Middle East in the field of early childhood education in Montessori Pedagogy, Srividya strongly believe in a student-centric approach to education. With an International Diploma in Early Childhood Education from MCI, London and having successfully completed the 3-stage International Certified Career Coaching program, ICCC (Masters) with a credentialing from the world apex body, National Career Development Association (NCDA), USA has inculcated global perspectives and competencies to offer world-class career coaching skill sets, along with Certified Career Service Provider (CCSP). It is Srividya’s objective to help students realise their inherent strengths and potential, right from Grade 8 so that they can hone their skills, build their profile suitably and work towards achieving their goals.

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